What Happened To The Drove Galactic News Update?


“So what happened to the news guy?” I don’t know why I put that in quotations, it’s not like anyone actually asked us that. Is he dead? Well the Verminauts sure beat him up good, but dead? I dunno. Maybe. We’ll see.

Anyway, the Drove Galactic News Update was originally  Phil’s idea; it was supposed to be a quick one panel comic with a static image. Only the dialogue, caption, and insert picture were supposed to change so we could fire them out easily for more weekly content. That lasted a couple of weeks before we realized they looked too similar and boring. So we started to jazz them up. Which is the exact opposite of easy.

A couple months in I realized how hard it was to write a comic where the image stays the same. So I started doing terrible things to the news guy that had absolutely nothing to do with the idea of an in-continuity newscast. I also realized how much extra work drawing them was creating for Phil. Eventually once I was completely out of ideas for them, I begged Phil to end the Drove Galactic News Update.

Shortly before we decided to pull the plug, we came up with a real stinker that convinced us ending the News update was a good idea. I was at Phil’s house while he worked on this Miley Cyrus news strip, and we laughed our asses off at how bad it was. It was always supposed to be bad, but when I asked Phil if it was actually funny, he said “I don’t know” and started laughing. To top it off: a picture of Billy Ray Cyrus. Because why the hell not.

So, uh, yeah. No more news guy. -Nick.

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The Drove! The Further Adventures of Larry Flickerton: The Beginning!


Young Larry Flickerton is back! Torn from his home, what awaits poor Larry now? Find out in this latest installment of: The Further Adventures of Larry Flickerton!

Prologue: Home Invasion!

The Drove! New Every Wednesday!

Friends Of The Drove: Sindy Strutt!

sindy 2 sindy 1 sindy 3

I hope to one day look back at the early days of the Drove and tell people of how the only people who helped us out were adult actresses and John McCrea. When it came time to do another Drove Pin Up, I suggested one of my favorites, the beautiful Sindy Strutt. When we sent her the picture (which once again, we didn’t ask permission to use,) she was kind enough to retweet it to her many followers and even start following us on Twitter, which is friggin’ fantastic in my books! I also felt it necessary to explain to her why we made the picture so banana-centric, but I’m pretty sure she just thinks we’re weird. -Nick

Please follow Sindy on Twitter @Sindy_Strutt

The Drove! New Every Wednesday!