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Friends Of The Drove: Rob Liefeld!

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Growing up on late 80s and early 90s comics was the BEST time in comics! It was so much fun, and everything was out of control! I have a lot of fond memories of comics from my childhood, and Rob Liefeld’s stuff (particularly his Marvel work) is a huge part of that. -Nick

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Friends Of The Drove: John McCrea!

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Look, I get that talking to and being retweeted by people on Twitter is pretty pedestrian these days, but not to us damn it! I love John McCrea’s work period, but his Hitman run with Garth Ennis is absolutely inspired. Getting to interact with comic creators I actually look up to and admire is always thrilling. “Zombie Night at the Gotham Aquarium” is the funniest and most sinister title I’ve ever seen in my life, and the cover to Hitman #14 is probably my favorite comic cover of all time in terms of sheer hilarity and shock value. And don’t forget the Cat-Signal. My god, the Cat-Signal… -Nick

The Drove! New Every Wednesday!