About The Drove:

In the vast reaches of space, there is The Drove. A singular galactic authority wearing uniforms that resemble bunnies.

Join today, explore the galaxy, die on another planet for mediocre pay.

The Drove is a comic book created by Nick Klie and Phil Ryan. Neither one of us has a terribly large amount of experience with this kind of thing, so bear with us.

The Drove was originally supposed to be a group of various anthropomorphic creatures in a post apocalyptic setting. But Phil decided to draw bunny men, so we went with that instead. It was probably for the best. So yeah, this is what we ended up with.

“It’s not a webcomic. It’s a comic book you read on the internet.” –Nick Klie.

“It’s a webcomic…” –Phil Ryan.

Copyright © 2013-2015 Nick Klie and Phil Ryan, all rights reserved. The Drove, all characters, names, likenesses, logos, and related elements are trademarks of Nick Klie and Phil Ryan.

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