Friends Of The Drove: Sindy Strutt!

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I hope to one day look back at the early days of the Drove and tell people of how the only people who helped us out were adult actresses and John McCrea. When it came time to do another Drove Pin Up, I suggested one of my favorites, the beautiful Sindy Strutt. When we sent her the picture (which once again, we didn’t ask permission to use,) she was kind enough to retweet it to her many followers and even start following us on Twitter, which is friggin’ fantastic in my books! I also felt it necessary to explain to her why we made the picture so banana-centric, but I’m pretty sure she just thinks we’re weird. -Nick

Please follow Sindy on Twitter @Sindy_Strutt

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Friends Of The Drove: Ashli Orion!




The webcomic game is truly a strange beast. You often reach out and ask for help, and it usually falls of deaf ears. But every now and again someone reaches back to you, and trust me when I tell you this, it means the world to us. Take the lovely Ashli Orion for instance. Adult entertainer and a personal favorite of Phil’s, we used her picture (without her permission) for one of our Drove Pin Ups. We then sent it to her on Twitter (hoping it wouldn’t offend her because of the whole lack of permission thing) and she responded with an incredibly kind message and even a Twitter follow! Phil was glowing all day to say the least. -Nick

Follow Ashli on Twitter: @ASHLiORiON

Friends Of The Drove: John McCrea!

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Look, I get that talking to and being retweeted by people on Twitter is pretty pedestrian these days, but not to us damn it! I love John McCrea’s work period, but his Hitman run with Garth Ennis is absolutely inspired. Getting to interact with comic creators I actually look up to and admire is always thrilling. “Zombie Night at the Gotham Aquarium” is the funniest and most sinister title I’ve ever seen in my life, and the cover to Hitman #14 is probably my favorite comic cover of all time in terms of sheer hilarity and shock value. And don’t forget the Cat-Signal. My god, the Cat-Signal… -Nick

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