The Drove: That Brown Asshole!


Hey friends! Phil here with some news, so as we enter the new year I’ll be taking a step back from drawing the Drove for a little bit. Me and the love of my life are about to have our first baby!! (maybe even before you read this!) It’s hard to express how excited I am about this, being a dad is something I’ve looked forward to my entire life, and getting the chance to do this with my best friend is just.. well its the gad damn coolest thing ever! And as much as I love doing The Drove, I need to make my focus my family until we can figure out the new “norm” for us.

Anyways, enough about me, you guys wanna know where does that leave us with The Drove. Well it leaves us somewhere that we’ve always talked about going, we’ve asked some of our awesome artist friends to step in and do some guest strips! So in the true nature of comics will get to see other peoples takes on The Drove. I’m personally really excited about this, and really excited to see what people come up with! We’ll be posting new strips about once a month, instead of once a week for the time being.

Nick even says he’s gonna write and draw a strip which is awesome cause he’s actually really rad at drawing!

On that note if you like the Drove and like drawing (don’t have to be good at it, just like it) and would like to draw a strip, drop us a line via email or Facebook and we’ll add you to the group we have. You can write and draw your own strip, you can ask Nick to write you a script to draw or do the “old Marvel way” and just draw a strip and Nick will write something to go with the images. We would love to hear from you and see what you can contribute. Could be a ton of fun!

Thanks so much for your support and being weird enough to laugh and like our comic.



Friends Of The Drove: Sindy Strutt!

sindy 2 sindy 1 sindy 3

I hope to one day look back at the early days of the Drove and tell people of how the only people who helped us out were adult actresses and John McCrea. When it came time to do another Drove Pin Up, I suggested one of my favorites, the beautiful Sindy Strutt. When we sent her the picture (which once again, we didn’t ask permission to use,) she was kind enough to retweet it to her many followers and even start following us on Twitter, which is friggin’ fantastic in my books! I also felt it necessary to explain to her why we made the picture so banana-centric, but I’m pretty sure she just thinks we’re weird. -Nick

Please follow Sindy on Twitter @Sindy_Strutt

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