The Drove: Fast Draw!

Fast Draw FINAL

Well now! After the rush job stinker I turned in last week, I felt it necessary to redeem myself with something more elaborate that I’ve been cooking up for awhile! I had all sorts of fun this week ripping off being inspired by Moebius and G.I. Joe, and I feel like this is my best work yet! If ripping off Moebius, Judge Dredd, and G.I. Joe is how I spend the rest of my days, I will be one happy man!

Patting myself on the back aside, Phil and I will try to get back to work so this is probably going to be the last non-regular Drove strip! It doesn’t look like we’ll be keeping a weekly schedule, but we’ll certainly try to keep pumping out the hits as often as possible!

I just wanted to thank all our friends who helped us keep things going in the meanwhile. It’s truly been a strange and magical nuclear powered journey, one of self discovery for myself, and I think we’re all better and worse off for it. And to my family I say this: please forgive us.

God speed. –Nick


The Drove: The Peace Offering!


The Drove’s own Phil and his lovely wife just had their first baby, so Phil is taking a step back from the Drove for the time being to enjoy this time and to be there for his family. So we’ve asked our friends for some help keeping the Drove going in the meanwhile!

My good friend Cody Schroder, who I’ve known since kindergarten, wrote and drew this bad boy without any help from us! When we got this, Phil and I immediately had a conversation about how Cody is better than us at this, and clearly doesn’t need us for anything!

Check out Cody’s art blog HERE and his Facebook page HERE for more of his incredible art!


The Drove: Saving Face!


Believe it or not, this started as a Ren & Stimpy inspired strip. And this is where we ended up. -Nick

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